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CDL Driver with years of experience looking to transition to Dispatcher or other office role.

+ 123-456-7890

  • DigitalBridge Software and Computer Proficiency

  • CDL Class A

  • OSHA 10

Eligible For
  • Federal Bonding ($5,000)

  • WOTC ($2400)

  • OJT ($5500)

  • Freight Knowledge

  • Safety Protocols

  • Teamwork

  • Work Ethic

  • Critical Thinking

  • Leadership

John Smith

Logistics Professional


Transitional House Lead

Durham, NC

Demonstrated management and teamwork skills by leading 7 members in goal setting sessions, assigning house jobs, and scheduling counselor appointments

Laundry Tech I

Butner, NC

Met or exceeded all deliverables while managing bedding, uniforms, and other textile items. Mastered use of various industrial machines while following instructions and adhering to strict safety protocols.

CDL Truck Driver

Rocky Mount, NC

Responsible for multiple daily pickups/deliveries, pre and post trip inspections, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of freight per load. Thorough emphasis on road safety and regulations


Mary Maryland, MSW

Social Worker, House Manager

Dennis Driver

Owner, Trucking Company

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